Ressie Jeffries Elementary School has been an educational institution in Warren County, Virginia for 55 years. The school was established in 1959 and turns 55 this year. What a great success story!

R.J.E.S. PTO is dedicated to the students and staff of Ressie Jeffries Elementary School. Our goal is to help enrich the education of our students and assist the staff by helping to raise funds for educational tools not covered in the school budget.

The PTO board understands the needs of families. All we ask is for you to support the PTO by:

  •  Becoming a member. The membership fee is just $5.
  •  Support our fundraising/events
  •  Consider volunteering at a school event. Just one!   Serving food, brainstorming,  chaperoning, set up/clean up, making reservations and utilizing your resources, talents and skills.


Meeting Agenda 9-9-14

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